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   You Shouldn’t Have Done That is a 90-minute solo combat/journaling TTRPG about revenge.

   Part video game-like (loot drops!), part roguelike (procedurally generated maps!), all high-drama, this is a game for anyone else who enjoyed:

  • John Wick
  • Saruman v Gandalf
  • Avatar’s Bending Arts
  • Whatever Magneto and Professor X have going on


  • Procedurally-generated wizard's tower via cards
  • 20 environmental hazards to fill said tower
  • 6 types of elemental enemies and 1 boss
  • AI for enemies to keep the GMing off the player's plate
  • Prompt-based character creation
  • 3 flashbacks that unlock more magic as you play
  • The option to 'go nova' if all else fails
  • A moral dilemma or two - or none, depending on how seriously you take it
  • One extremely toxic relationship, complete with showdown on the roof during a storm

   In this game, you are a mage - or you were, once. You were one of a pair whose unprecedented power skyrocketed both of you to prominence within the tyrannical order of war-mages known as the Circle. Enemies and countrymen alike cowered when you stepped onto the field – all but one: the other half of your pair, your twin in everything but blood. But they balked when you begged them to desert on that day the Circle asked too much. You couldn’t ignore the blood on your hands any longer so you fled. Alone.

   You really believed you’d gotten away too.

Enemies in this game are illuminated by LUMEN and the map generation was inspired by Carta. Card assets are from this card asset pack. Created for Lumen Jam 2.

Awesome cover art by Lex Burne.

Content Warning - While the bulk of this game is zany magical combat, the narrative does focus on hurt people hurting people, guilt, betrayal, and revenge, and includes mentions of home loss, suicide, fire, blood, eugenics, torture, claustrophobia, state kidnappings and war crimes.

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Tagscarta, d6, lumen, revenge, solo-ttrpg, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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