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A Wanderhome supplement containing encounters for seven gods - six new, one old and infamous - in keeping its pastoral, small-stakes vibe. These are not traditional TTRPG combat encounters but rather conflicts of interests between the gods and the kith in their spheres of influence. Perfect solutions not guaranteed. 

Each god is described on a single page containing:

  • A short introduction scene that can be read aloud to kickstart roleplay
  • Two Wanderhome traits for the god
  • Actions the god can always do and must never do, in Wanderhome style
  • Quotes from the god and implicated kith to help voice them
  • A choice of four boons the god may bestow

Featured gods:

  1. The God of Home-Cooked Meals
  2. The God of the Quiet Deep
  3. The God of Unmapped Places
  4. The Gods of Letters Lost
  5. The Watering Hole God
  6. The God of Youngest Siblings
  7. The Slobbering God

Small, Remembered Gods is an independent production by StoryOrc and is not affiliated with Possum Creek Games Inc. It is published under the Wanderhome Third Party License. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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