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Summon an eldritch god from the moon in order to get a coin that lets you read its holder's thoughts in this system-neutral entry to the 2023 CoinSides jam

Designed to hit that sweet spot between a day at the library and getting your rogue killed when the party needs to gather intel.


  • 3 story hooks to get started ritualling
  • 4 scenes - 1 fight, 1 RP, 1 (player) dexterity challenge, 1 improv challenge
  • 2 NPCs (1 orc)
  • custom mechanics for the "Cthulhu CoinSides" dice coin

Conversion for if you don't own a Cthulhu CoinSides:

  1. To roll letters in the "My Name Hidden & Glorious" scene, roll a d20 and take the corresponding letter of the alphabet. U through Z are overrepresented in weird names anyway.
  2. To roll Yes, No or Maybe in the "Delight in Burnt Offerings" scene, roll a d6. 1-2 = No, 3-4 = Maybe, 5-6 = Yes.
  3. To spin the coin in the "Appointments at My Tomb" scene, spin a regular coin on it side and look to where the 12 o'clock position lands.
  4. Same deal for spinning the coin in the "Aftermath" section. An old beyblade will work even better.

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Tagsadventure-spark, coinsides, module, Tabletop role-playing game


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I like the different methods used for the coin (the map part is my favorite!) and the way the story is told via the characters. The different scenes certainly give enough of a vibe of them to be able to act them out throughout the story however it plays out. I also freaking love the title, I'm always so bad with titles and yours fits perfectly 🤣 

- ✨Beth